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Sports as a whole have a very intimate relationship with their fans, meaning that thousands of people constantly dedicate many moments of their lives to following the news and matches. O football is one of those sports that attract so many people. Many seek find out how to watch to the games Flamengo precisely because it is one of the most popular teams.

Brazil has several famous sports teams, such as Palm trees, as well as other teams that are not in series A and have more regionalized fans, such as the team ABC FC, from Natal/RN. However, we know that many are trying to find out how to watch Flamengo games. But why does Flamengo attract so much attention?

Flamengo, especially when we consider the construction of the team throughout history, has very good players and provides great matches. This is precisely why many people try to find ways to watch Flamengo games. We will even talk a little about the history of this team so that you are completely informed.

Get to know Flamengo

Flamengo, one of the most popular and successful clubs in Brazil, has a rich history full of memorable moments over the years. In 200 words, it is impossible to cover all the details, but I will highlight some significant aspects of Flamengo.

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Founded in 1895, Flamengo is based in Rio de Janeiro and its fans are known as one of the most passionate in the world. In 1981, the club reached its peak by winning the Copa Libertadores and the Mundial Interclubes. The team had iconic players like Zico, Junior, Leandro and many others who made history.

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In the following decades, Flamengo faced ups and downs, but always remained a relevant force in Brazilian football. In 2009, he won the Copa do Brasil again and, in 2019, he experienced an extraordinary year. Under the command of coach Jorge Jesus, Flamengo won the Copa Libertadores in an epic final and also secured the Brazilian Championship title.

Furthermore, the club invested in improving its infrastructure and opened the modern Gávea Stadium, providing fans with an even more suitable place to watch the matches.

Flamengo is also known for its solid fan base and strong presence on social media, maintaining a close connection with fans across Brazil.

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In short, Flamengo is a club with great tradition, with historic achievements and a passionate fan base. Its history continues to be written, with challenges and victories that keep the red and black legacy alive.

How to watch Flamengo games

Currently, the internet is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to follow their sports teams. This way, we will help those who want to watch Flamengo games and we will recommend some great apps so that you can watch Flamengo games directly on your cell phone.


A Globoplay is the streaming platform of Globe. Through this platform it is possible to have access to a large amount of content that is ideal for those of you who are passionate about Globo programming. There you will have access to events ranging from soap operas, series and even films from this broadcaster.

Furthermore, as is normal on streaming platforms, it is also possible to have content whose transmission rights have been acquired by the platform, this way, you will be able to watch it even if it is not original Globo content. One of the great successes of this streaming platform is precisely the reality show Big Brother Brazil.

However, your interest here is to know how to watch Flamengo games. Therefore, it is interesting to say that Globoplay broadcasts FREE to Globo's normal programming on your app, so you can watch Flamengo's games FOR FREE just know what day and time Globo will broadcast Flamengo games.

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If you liked it, you can do the download Globoplay on your cell phone to watch Flamengo games easily. If you are interested, you can download it from the app store iOS, the App Store. Additionally, you can also download it from the app store. Android, the Google Play Store.


Watching Flamengo games can be an easy task under certain conditions. However, there may be other problems that should be considered. Availability on different platforms is a point that must be considered, after all, we are always on the move and we are not always able to have a television available in the place where we want to watch Flamengo games.

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Furthermore, we also have to reflect on the video and audio quality of the broadcasts. Therefore, it is important that you find a streaming platform that embraces these characteristics and offers you an incredible experience when following this team that won your heart.

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A Star+ Perhaps it is the best alternative for you to have an incredible experience when watching Flamengo games. After all, you will be able to find quality broadcasts of football matches at different points. Furthermore, you will be able to follow other exciting sports, such as basketball (NBA) and American football (NFL), always with great quality.

Star has many other advantages that go far beyond the sports that are broadcast through the streaming platform. In fact, you can also enjoy access to thousands of incredible films and series, such as ModernFamily, Grey's Anatomy It is How I Met Your Mother.

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This way, it is easy to understand that Star+ can be an interesting option for those who have a large family with different interests. After all, family members who are passionate about sports will be able to follow their favorite teams, just as those who are passionate about series will have great options.

If you liked Star as the platform on which you watch Flamengo games, you can download the app by Google Play Store, or, if you are an iPhone user, you can download from App Store.

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