Find out the baby’s gender through these 3 apps!

It is normal for people to go through a time in their lives when they are interested in finding out the sex of their baby. After all, this is a natural process in people’s lives. If you are a woman and you are expecting a baby, then it is important that you understand some ways for you to find out the sex of the baby.

If you want to know a way for you to find out the baby’s gender, we can think of apps as solutions. After all, we know that there are several applications with different functions that are capable of helping their users with different objectives . Therefore, it would be interesting for you to use your cell phone to achieve these goals.

find out the baby's gender
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You already know that there are applications for different types of functions, such as watching television on your cell phone , or even following the most exciting sports matches . However, what few know is that you can find out the sex of the baby through your cell phone.

Apps to find out the baby’s gender

Our team wrote this article so you can find out the baby’s gender. However, know that it’s just a way for you to test how practical these apps are or even “kill” your doubt while you can’t go to a medical appointment. However, a doctor’s appointment is always the best way for you to find out the baby’s gender.

The apps mentioned in this article have a great reputation and have managed to help many people find out if their children are going to be boys or girls. However, the medical consultation will never be dispensable. If you find it interesting, you can combine the app with the consultation so that you can find out the baby’s gender accurately and still have fun in the process.

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As promised, below we will introduce you to some great apps for you to find out the baby’s gender. The apps are available in the main app stores ( Google Play Store and App Store). Therefore, the links provided are safe, as they refer to these app stores.


The BabyCenter app is not exactly a gender-finding app, but rather a complete guide to your baby’s journey of pregnancy and the first year. It offers authoritative information, ideas and everyday tips for parents and has been used by over 300 million moms and dads worldwide.

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However, BabyCenter has other interesting tools, such as the baby’s gender calculator. Although the result of this test should only be taken as a joke, as the results are limited and not 100% accurate, it can be fun and interesting for parents who want to try to guess the sex of the baby before the ultrasound or fetal sex test.

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Finally, it is worth noting that there are also other apps that promise to predict the baby’s gender, such as the app mentioned in a post on the BabyCenter forum, which asks for information such as the mother’s age at conception and the month in which she got pregnant to make a guess. about the sex of the baby. However, it is important to remember that these apps are not a substitute for confirmation through medical tests .

If you want to use Babycenter as your official app to find out the baby’s gender, then you can download the app from the App Store if you’re an iPhone user. But if you use an Android device, you can download it from the Google Play Store .


The Pampers app is a tool that can help the pregnant person find out the baby’s gender through a comprehensive questionnaire. After answering the app’s questions, he makes a guess about the baby’s gender.

The Pampers website also offers an online test so that the pregnant person can guess the baby’s gender. It is important to remember that the results provided by the apps should be seen as a joke, as only medical tests such as fetal sexing or ultrasound can accurately confirm the baby’s gender.

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The Pampers app uses the information you provide to plot with data already available through studies. That way, with the data being compared, you can see how likely your baby is to be a boy or a girl. However, I still remind you that it should be seen as a joke.

If you liked the Pampers app as a way for you to find out the baby’s gender, you can download the app through the Google Play Store , if your device uses the Android operating system. But if it’s an iPhone, you can download it from the App Store .

chinese calendar

The Chinese calendar, also known as the Chinese table, is a popular method that supposedly helps predict the baby’s gender based on the mother’s lunar age and the month of conception. The calculation is done using a table that presents the possible combinations of lunar age and month of conception to predict the sex of the baby.

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There are several sites, such as Chinese Calendar , that offer this service for free. The site makes the calculation automatically, based on the information provided by the user, without her having to perform the calculation manually.

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It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of this method is controversial, and many experts claim that there is no scientific evidence to prove its accuracy. Furthermore, it is important to point out that the sex of the baby is genetically determined and that the use of the Chinese table is just a way of predicting the sex based on supposed Chinese traditions.

Did you like the information?

At the beginning of the article, we already emphasized that there must be an understanding that the use of apps to find out the baby’s gender will be limited to the field of fun, and you should not rely entirely on the results that you will achieve with the apps.

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However, if you liked the apps for find out the baby’s gender, know that our platform also has some other content that may be useful for you to be able to solve certain problems. Take the opportunity to read some of our materials and see how we can help you.


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