Best Apps to watch free TV online

With apps to watch free TV online, you can watch your favorite programs whenever you want and in the palm of your hand. With technology you can rest assured and have access to more than 2000 programs in one place, and the best part without spending anything for it. 

Among the options available, we can access films, series, TV shows and live channels through streaming applications, digital television already available on your devices and official applications, which we will tell you more about.

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Some apps charge a subscription for you to access, but here we've selected the best ones so you can watch free TV online wherever you are, whether in line at the bank, coming home from work or even during your rest time at work. Continue reading to discover the best apps. 

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How to watch free TV online

Before you start looking for the best app to watch free TV online, you need to define which broadcasters and your favorite soap operas can't be left off your cell phone so you don't miss any episode or rewatch the biggest hits.

In the second step, you search among the options to select the channels you are looking for and the soap operas you would like to watch at any time in the palm of your hand, in the quickest and easiest way possible. 


With SBT videos you can watch TV online for free, wherever you are, in addition to having access to live programs from the broadcaster and an extensive range of content selected for all types of audiences, including films, interviews, investigative programs and, most importantly, acclaimed soap operas. by the public.

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To access it, it's very simple, just go to the broadcaster's website and click on live to access the programs that are being broadcast or choose one of the options available in your schedule. If you want to download the app, it's easy, search for SBT videos on your app store and download.  

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Globo Play

The Globo broadcaster's website has an extensive range of free and paid content, in live you have access to the programs and can also watch free online TV, which is on its schedule.

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If you want full access to all programming you need to pay the monthly subscription fee, in addition to the soap operas you can watch films, series and many other programs, but the free content is very worth it, if you want something more then it is worth it pay the subscription. 

Telemundo: Series and live TV

With this app you can watch free online TV on your cell phone and have access to the entire Telemundo collection, with it you have access 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to the most watched soap operas in the world, with it you have access to soap operas , series and even Turkish dramas.

In addition to having access to current soap operas, you can rewatch the classics whenever you want with just one click and save the episodes you were already watching so you don't forget where you left off. To access it, it's very simple, just go to your store of applications from your smartphone, download and start using, click here to be directed

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Another application for you to watch TV online is Band Play, with the official Bandeirantes application you can watch all of the channel's programming live and an extensive range of films, series and variety shows.

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A differentiator of the Bandeirantes app is that in addition to accessing TV Band in your region, you can see the programming of affiliates from different regions, TV, news programs, radio categories and much more.  

Bonus Tips

Another alternative for you to watch TV online for free is to download and have access to Pluto TV programs, because it gives you access to children's programs, sports, films, series and much more. To have access to more tips like this, continue to follow us and have access to new tips, see you next time and enjoy the tips.


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