Free CRLV app: have the document on your cell phone!

We are living in a time where technology has become a true ally, making it possible to use different applications to make our lives easier. At other times, we have already talked about applications to check vehicle license platesHowever, today we are going to talk about a free CRLV application.

It is interesting to highlight that we will bring useful information for your days, so pay close attention to what will be described to be able to make the most of the information in the best possible way, as in addition to talking about a free CRLV application, we will also talk about theoretical information about the CRLV.

What is CRLV?

Even though you are searching for a free CRLV application, there are those who don't know exactly what a CRLV is. Therefore, we will bring this block of text as a way to help improve your internet experience with great information.

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CRLV is the acronym that means Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate. This famous document is better known as licensing and is important for a vehicle to be able to circulate on municipal roads. The CRLV informs that the vehicle complies with the safety and environmental standards of the automotive sector. 

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It is updated annually and serves as proof that the vehicle's licensing is up to date, thus allowing the driver to legally drive their car on the streets. Furthermore, the CRLV also has an electronic version called CRLV-e, making drivers' lives more practical. 

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Keeping the CRLV updated is very important so that you can drive legally, that is, avoid problems with the law. By clicking here, you will have access to our other article written to help you avoid problems with the law on the road! Avoid receiving fines.

Free CRLV app

Now that you know in detail what CRLV is, you know that it is an important document and that it is important to always keep it with you. Like this driver's license It is RG, this is one of the documents that was transformed into digital, allowing you to access the document directly from your cell phone.


The free CRLV app Zul+ is known as one of the main applications for those who drive today, precisely because it is an application that manages to bring together different uses for its users. Zul+ can gather documents such as CRLV, IPVA, car insurance and other very useful functions for everyone who has vehicles.

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If you are interested in using Zul+ as your free CRLV app, simply click here to download for Android devices, or click here to download if your device is an iPhone. After opening the application, there will be some alternatives, you can click on “CRLV Digital”.

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Then, the free CRLV app will ask you to register your vehicle with some important information. Then, there will be an alternative “Request document”, you will click on it. If there are no issues pending, the document should be available within 1 to 5 days.

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This article was written to help you use a free CRLV application. Now that you've learned how to use this application, what do you think about learning How to watch free TV online? Just click here to check which are the best (and safest) apps for watching TV online!


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