CNH Social: find out how to access the program!

There are several documents that are essential to Brazilians in different contexts. If you want to drive legally, you must have a CNH document. However, we know that it is not cheap to have access to the document, making the Government feel the need to develop the program CNH Social.

There is a lot of interesting news surrounding the CNH. In fact, we have already written an article dedicated to document in its digital version. However, we know that it is also important to debate the CNH Social, considering that it is a program that can provide transformative opportunities for many people throughout Brazil.

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Brazil has a large number of social programs, such as Brazil Aid and even services aimed at the population, such as Smiling Brazil. In fact, we have already talked about some of these programs. In other words, it makes perfect sense for the CNH Social program to also gain space on our portal.

What is CNH?

Before finding out more information about the Social CNH, it is important that you understand at least the basics about the traditional CNH. After all, we know that many people have very superficial knowledge about this document, which is of great importance in our national context.

CNH is the acronym to refer to the National Driving License. This is a mandatory document for all those who intend to use cars to travel as drivers. After all, passengers do not need proof that they are fit to drive.

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There is a lot of criticism regarding the need for a driver's license. However, the truth is that we know that traffic is not always a safe environment, given the rules already in force and the need to have a driver's license. Therefore, without the existence of the CNH, it is very likely that the number of accidents would be much higher.

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However, a criticism that remains strong and which was probably what gave rise to the CNH Social refers to the amount that it is necessary to pay to obtain the license. Thousands of people dream of the much-loved qualification, but fail to achieve it precisely. because it is a very high value.

It is worth remembering that it is not enough to pay the amount related to the service provided by the DETRAN, but you also have to pay for a driving school. Combining the two values, the cost becomes quite high. In other words, the poorest people end up being unable to access the document. 


The CNH Social works with the same characteristics as the original document. After all, the CNH Social will only be a way to obtain your document. This way, you will have access in the traditional way. With this in mind, we will show you what the categories are and what their characteristics and limitations are.

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The National Driving License (CNH) is the document that authorizes a person to drive motor vehicles in Brazil. There are five CNH categories, according to the type and weight of the vehicle:

  • Category A: enables the driving of two or three-wheeled vehicles, such as motorcycles, tricycles and mopeds.

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  • Category B: enables the driving of four-wheeled vehicles, whose total gross weight does not exceed 3,500 kg and the capacity does not exceed eight seats, excluding the driver's seat. Examples: cars, trucks and SUVs.
  • Category C: enables the driving of four-wheeled vehicles, whose total gross weight exceeds 3,500 kg and the capacity does not exceed eight seats, excluding the driver's seat. Examples: trucks and buses without trailers or semi-trailers.
  • Category D: enables the driving of four-wheeled vehicles, used to transport passengers, with a capacity exceeding eight seats, excluding the driver's seat. Examples: buses and minibuses with or without a trailer or semi-trailer.
  • Category E: enables the driving of vehicles of categories B, C or D that are articulated or coupled to a trailer or semi-trailer whose total gross weight exceeds 6,000 kg. Examples: trailers and bi-trains.

What is CNH Social?

CNH Social is a Federal Government program that aims to facilitate access to the National Driving License (CNH) for low-income people. The program offers exemption or discount on Detran fees, medical exams and theoretical and practical classes for candidates who meet the selection criteria. 

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The CNH Social is an opportunity for those who want to qualify to drive or pilot a vehicle, but do not have the financial means to cover the costs of the process. Furthermore, the CNH Social can help with insertion into the job market, especially in the transport sector.

To participate in CNH Social, you must meet some requirements, which may vary according to the state where the program is offered. In general, the requirements are:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Have a family income of up to two minimum wages;
  • Be unemployed for more than a year;

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  • Be a public school student with good academic performance;
  • Being a person with a disability;
  • Being an ex-convict;
  • Being a farmer;
  • Be a beneficiary of Bolsa Família.

Interested parties must register on the Detran website or the agency responsible for the program in your state, filling out a form and presenting the requested documents. Places are limited and candidates are selected through a lottery or socioeconomic analysis. After being approved, candidates must complete the stages of the qualification process, which include:

cnh digital
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– Theoretical classes and exam;

– Practical classes and exam;

- Medical exams.

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CNH Social is a project that benefits thousands of Brazilians who dream of having their driver's license. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the deadlines and rules of the program in your state, and not fall for scams that promise the CNH Social through applications or social networks. Official registration is only done on the official websites of the competent bodies.


This is not a project that is standardized throughout Brazil, it is a state project. Therefore, each state has a different configuration for how it operates. Therefore, it is interesting that you seek information in your state about how the CNH Social project works.

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This article was created to provide you with useful information about the CNH Social program. If you liked it, enjoy read about social programs It is apps that can help you make your life easier, all here on our portal.


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