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Sports are capable of bringing together many, many people in front of the TV to emotionally support their favorite competitors. This caused the industry to move to develop ways to broadcast these events, so fans would be able to watch the events from their homes and companies would profit. Everyone wins. In fact, there are ways for you to watch Formula 1 online and we will teach you.

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Today, there are so many streaming platforms that it is easy to find platforms to watch films and series. (click here to see free series and movie apps), but apps for sports are not as popular as apps designed to store movies. However, sports broadcasting apps are gaining more and more strength thanks to fans of each sport.

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Currently, there are streaming platforms intended for broadcasting sporting events which are very popular and receive a lot of praise. However, today we are going to talk about an application with very specific objectives: allowing you to watch Formula 1 via your cell phone, laptop or tablet.

Apps to watch Formula 1

If you are someone who uses your cell phone frequently, then you may have noticed that there are apps for practically anything. To give you an idea, if you click here, you will discover an app that claims to be able to identify the sex of a baby just through some information.

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That way, it's not difficult to imagine that there are specific apps for you to watch Formula 1. We'll save you time and add the link official of download for Google Play Store (for Android users) and App Store (for iPhone users) in each application. Therefore, you will be able to download it safely.


Just like other institutions, such as NHL (hockey) and NBA (basketball), Formula 1 has its own application for broadcasting official content, F1 TV. The application offers incredible advantages for those who want to follow the races through the application, becoming one of the most recommended tools for those who want to follow the Formula 1 races on their cell phone.

One of the interesting advantages is that you can choose a plan within the app that suits your profile. F1 TV has two plans in its own app: F1 TV Pro It is F1 TV Access. Let's talk briefly about the benefits of each plan so that you can choose wisely which plan you will use to watch Formula 1.

F1 TV Access

If you choose the F1 TV Access plan to watch Formula 1, you will be able to watch the races live and also have access to the best moments of each race, allowing you to relive those moments that left you impressed. You will also be able to improve your experience when watching Formula 1 programs and documentaries.

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Are you one of those people who love binge-watching movies and series? Well, know that you will be able to marathon content related to Formula 1, considering that there are more than 2 thousand hours of content in the app's collection for you to consume and fall in love with every moment.

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To conclude some of these advantages, know that you will have access to real-time race data, in addition to being able to access statistics. So, if you like having access to technical information regarding your favorite competitors, know that you will be able to access it through F1 TV Access.

F1 TV Pro

The F1 TV Pro has basically the same functions as the F1 TV Access, the difference is that there are some other functions, such as being able to watch content in a total of six languages. You can also configure the on-board camera and have access to specific radio stations for each team, allowing you to have an expanded experience as a fan.

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Among all the advantages, we cannot fail to highlight that you will not see advertisements within the application. And to improve, up to six screens can be used simultaneously. In other words, up to 6 devices can be connected to watch Formula 1 on the same device without any problems.

How to download?

Since I promised that I would save you time and show you how to download F1 TV, then I will show you how simple it is to be a user of the application. If you are an Android user, just click here to download the app directly on your cell phone. But if you use iPhone, don't worry, just click here to download directly from App Store.

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