2 apps to watch the Italian Championship!

Football is a sport that brings together many people who are passionate about the sport. Therefore, many people are constantly trying to find out how to watch the Italian Championship, considering that they want to see their favorite teams on the field in the fight for the long-awaited trophy.

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As you may already know, we are passionate about football, just like you, and we have already brought other articles teaching how to follow football events, such as apps to watch the Chilean Championship. And of course, we are also always helping you watch other sporting events, bringing apps to watch Formula 1 on your cell phone, laptop, tablet and other devices.

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Today we are going to bring great information for you who want to watch the Italian Championship, as we will be able to bring useful apps for football lovers. Therefore, take advantage of each of our tips to watch the Italian Championship and follow your beloved teams.

Find out how to watch the Italian Championship

Today, we will help you to be able to watch the Italian Championship through your cell phone, that is, using applications. I would like to say that the applications that we will recommend in this article were not sponsored, this means that we are recommending them simply because they are great options for following your favorite teams.


The ESPN app is a good choice for watching the Italian Championship. The app offers comprehensive coverage that includes results, standings, statistics and up-to-date news. Additionally, you can watch the games live via the app. 

The app is available for Apple and Android devices, making it easily accessible for Italian football fans. If you want to check the current standings of the Italian Championship, you can access the 2023-24 Standings page on ESPN. 

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For live results and statistics, check out the Italian Championship Results section in the app. Therefore, if you are an Italian football enthusiast, the ESPN app is a great option to stay up to date with everything that happens in Serie A.

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ESPN is already a platform known for facilitating access to sporting events, especially football. This way, you can access the official ESPN app through the main app stores, such as Google Play Store (for devices with Android operating system) It is App Store (for devices with iOS operating system, i.e. iPhones).


When we talk about streaming platforms, we can agree that the Star+ is one of the most popular alternatives today, causing thousands of people to download the app to access incredible films and addictive series. In other words, it is one of the best platforms for consuming entertainment.

However, the Star+ app is also a great alternative for those who are passionate about sports. Including, By clicking here, you will also see other sports that are broadcast on Star. To the delight of fans, Star+ is also a platform on which you will be able to watch the Italian Championship, thus facilitating access to the event.

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If you are going to watch the Italian Championship through Star+, I have great news for you: the application is available on different platforms, such as Android devices or us iPhones (iOS system). Furthermore, you can also access it via smart TV or laptop, as well as tablets.

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Finally, it is very important to highlight that the application offers excellent image, sound, narration and consistent transmission quality. So it's really a great way to follow your favorite teams. 

Did you like the tips?

This article was written especially for those who want to know how to watch the Italian Championship, so I hope it was useful content. If you liked it, enjoy and click here to learn how watch WWE on your mobile device. Enjoy each of our content.


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