3 apps to watch TV online!

Consuming entertainment is very important for maintaining the mental health of all individuals. After all, we know that we all need moments to rest, and thus renew our energy. Therefore, it is interesting that you know some great apps for watching TV online.

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If you are looking for an app to watch TV online, then you might like to consume some productions such as soap operas, or even journalistic programs that talk about important issues such as social programs. After all, we know that entertainment is not only a source of fun, but also of information.

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For many years, it was believed that this content could only be consumed through a television set. However, today we have access to several incredible applications that can be used so that entertainment lovers can watch their favorite programs, including follow sports through these apps.

Apps to watch TV online

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There are some incredible apps that will help you watch quality TV online. Of course we are talking about applications that are legal, that is, there is no piracy in this matter. Therefore, know that you will see applications that really have exemplary quality and that can be used without fear.

After all, we know that not all apps that offer illegal alternatives for watching TV online are safe. Therefore, we always recommend that you use legal means to consume the content you are interested in. Therefore, we will list some apps that you need to know.


You're definitely wasting a lot of time if you don't know the app yet. PlutoTV. After all, we are talking about one of the main ways to watch TV online for COMPLETELY FREE. This tool is already loved by many precisely because it can offer a truly incredible catalog completely free of charge.

Of course, the quality of the catalog depends on the country you are in, but the Pluto TV app has a really rich catalog in Brazil. We even have really enjoyable content like Masterchef, as well as other world-famous programs, such as naruto It is One Peace.

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In addition to the catalog available to watch wherever and whenever you want (in this case, really wherever and whenever you want), the Pluto TV app also allows you to watch TV online in the traditional model. You can access a vast number of channels. By choosing, you will be able to follow the specific content available on the channels.

The fact that this platform has content available to watch wherever and whenever you want (such as Masterchef and One Peace) and channels for you to follow the programming makes Pluto TV one of the most recommended applications for those looking for apps that allow you to watch TV online.

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If you liked this application as your way of watching TV online, then you can access the system through your cell phone. If you use Android, you can download the app through Google Play Store clicking here. However, if you are an iPhone user, you can download the app via App Store.


You already know the app Globoplay? It is an application for watching TV online that offers a variety of content for all tastes. You can watch Globo programs live or recorded, as well as series, films, documentaries and exclusive productions. 

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The Globoplay app also has a download function, which allows you to download videos to watch offline whenever you want. And the best part: you can try the Globoplay app for free for 7 days and then choose the plan that best suits you. 

One of Globoplay's biggest limitations in this list of apps for watching TV online is precisely the price. After all, we started the list with a free app, which is already different from this app. At Globoplay, you need to pay a monthly fee to access the content available on the platform.

However, you can have free access to Globo’s live broadcasts. The only necessary action will be to register on the platform and that's it, you'll be ready to follow the live broadcasts, which can include programs such as soap operas and series, as well as broadcasts of sporting events.

If you want to use Globoplay as your main tool for watching TV online, then know that you will be able to use it smoothly on your cell phone. Just perform the download at Google Play Store, if you use Android, or else in App Store, if you are an iPhone user.

TVI Player

O TVI Player is a streaming service offered by TVI, one of the main television networks in Portugal. It is a platform that allows you to watch TV programs, series, soap operas, news and other content produced and shown by TVI.

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The app offers users the option to watch shows live or on-demand, allowing you to watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere. The service is available on several platforms, such as web browsers, applications for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and also for smart TVs.

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The TVI Player app offers a wide range of content including entertainment shows, reality shows, talk shows, Portuguese soap operas, cooking shows, news and much more. You can browse programs and series by category or search by specific title.

Additionally, TVI Player offers additional features, such as the ability to create personalized playlists and receive program recommendations based on your viewing history. You can also mark shows as favorites and receive notifications when new episodes are available.

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It is important to note that access to the full content of TVI Player may require a subscription or authentication through a pay TV provider account in Portugal. However, the service also makes some free content available to non-subscribers.

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TVI Player is a great option for those who want to follow the programs and content produced by TVI, allowing you to watch live programming or access previous episodes of your favorite programs when it is convenient for you.

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This article was written so that you can find great apps to watch TV online. However, if you want to discover even more interesting information, take the opportunity to find out how clear the memory of your cell phone, whether it has an Android or iOS operating system.


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