Basic food basket 2023: where to buy or how to get help!

Unfortunately, in Brazil, there is a high number of people who are in a situation of social vulnerability. Therefore, it is the State's duty to ensure that these people have a base to support themselves while they look for better opportunities. This is how benefits such as Auxílio Brasil, Vale Gás and Cesta Básica arise.

We know that the development of a country also depends on everyone's collaboration. Therefore, it is necessary for unemployed people to have opportunities to gain employment. However, we can agree that it is difficult to look for a job when your main concern of the day is knowing how to put food on the table.

It is with this type of question in mind that some main proposals emerge. Among them, aid that allows these concerns to be resolved for a certain period of time while the individuals who received the benefit are looking for economic development for their family.

Basic basket: what is it?

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The Basic Basket is regulated by law so that the people benefiting from it can be completely protected and can be sure that they will receive the minimum they need. In view of the regulations, it is guaranteed that these benefited people will receive, at least, a basic basket containing thirteen (13) foods.

The foods that will be guaranteed by the basic basket are: rice, beans, meat, milk, flour, tomatoes, potatoes, bread, coffee, bananas, sugar, butter and oil. However, it is worth remembering that we are considering a basic basket that only contains food. The basic food basket does not always follow the same standards in different states.

If you do some research, you will notice that the basic food basket can be considered complete with just the thirteen (13) foods mentioned in this block of text. However, there are states that consider a basic food basket complete when it includes hygiene products. After all, we know that hygiene products are important, including to ensure health.

However, basic food baskets are usually subdivided into packages. This way, you will be able to find packages that contain both food and hygiene products. Likewise, you can find packages that contain only the 13 foods that are regulated by the Government.

Values of a Basic Basket

You can find stores that offer packages of basic food baskets ready for sale. As mentioned in the previous text block, you will be able to find packages of different values that will correspond precisely to the components present in the basic basket. In other words, the most complete packages tend to be more expensive.

It is still important to remember that, depending on the state in which you are going to buy the basic food basket, the value may change. This happens because some foods and products are more expensive in a certain state, while they may be cheaper in others. Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly what values you will find.

However, we can (and will) give an average of the prices that you can find if you want to buy the basic food basket online. So, keep reading this article so you don't miss the list of stores online that offer products that will contain your basic basket.

Where to buy a basic food basket

In this block of text, we will list for you the three (03) main stores that sell online where you can buy your basic food basket. Through these stores it is easier to get a good average price considering that the prices are the same throughout the country, the only difference being shipping.


A extra store is one of the main stores when we are talking about companies that sell online. And if we talk about stores that sell food, this is, without a doubt, the most famous on this list. Through it you can find a wide variety of products, and of course, prices.

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Through research carried out by our team, we noticed that you can find kits of basic food baskets ranging from R$93.28 to even R$428.72. As you can imagine, something that makes a difference between the two values is the quantity of products that make up the kits.

The values we listed in the previous paragraph follow the same logic that we talked about previously. The lowest values have only the thirteen (13) foods that are regulated by the Government. However, the higher values reflect the addition of products that go beyond food, including hygiene products.

Free market

O Free market is one of the main alternatives when we talk about online shopping and sales platforms. Therefore, it is very likely that you are already familiar with this platform. Some of the main advantages of Mercado Livre are that you will find products at the most varied prices, as well as a wide variety of options.

Another interesting advantage is the possibility of free shipping on your purchases. You should do good research to find the best products at the best prices. However, in our research, we selected food baskets ranging from R$78.90 to even R$275.00. Again, the more expensive it is, the more items it has.

Magazine Luiza

The company Magazine Luiza is, without a doubt, one of the most famous companies on the Internet when it comes to reliable shopping platforms. One of the company's main advantages is that you can find great payment methods, including the possibility of installments in up to 10 interest-free installments. Furthermore, you can pay at PIX and receive a discount for doing so.

According to our research carried out through the platform online, we can find prices ranging from R$49.90, in the simplest packages, to even a more complete basic basket, which can reach up to R$530.00.

Attention to the details!

We list different values so that you can buy your basic basket. That way, you have a few different options to choose from. However, it is important that you check the quality and quantity of each basic basket. After all, it is important that you receive exactly what you were interested in purchasing.

Basic Food Basket Aid from the Government

Many remember that, in Brazil, there was already a project called the National Basic Basket that benefited users of the Cadastro Único. However, the program was officially closed in 2003, which was the time it was part of the famous Bolsa Família. Today, the program operates through other social programs.

The families that characterize the target audiences of this program are those that have a monthly family income of up to three (03) minimum wages. Or monthly per capita income of up to ½ minimum wage.

If you have questions about how to access the benefit, you can contact the CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Center) or your city's City Hall Social Assistance. These programs constitute the rights of Brazilian citizens. Therefore, take advantage of the information contained in this article and pursue your rights.


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