Basic food basket: find out how to be entitled to this aid!

Do you need a basic food basket or do you know someone who does? There are some government programs created to provide food to families in situations of social vulnerability. Today we will help you learn a little more about this subject.

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A federal Constitution determines that all Brazilians have fundamental rights, one of which is the right to food. When an individual is not able to provide this food for themselves and their family on their own, the State is responsible for implementing public policies that solve this problem.

If you are in need of food or know someone who is in this situation, carefully read the information below and see how to get a basic food basket this year.

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Basic Food Basket Aid

The Basic Basket aid was created in 2021 to try to reduce the damage caused by the pandemic, such as the large increase in unemployment and hunger rates in Brazil. This aid was adopted by some states and municipalities, with an average value of R$200 for socially vulnerable families.

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Since then, some cities have continued the benefit and to this day provide the amount to families in need. But the criteria and rules change according to each region, as not all cities have the program implemented, as this benefit is not at the federal level.

To find out if your city has the Auxílio Cesta Básica program, go to the nearest CRAS or Social Assistance unit and find out about the distribution of basic food baskets to the population. If you need it and your city is not offering help, we have another option for those who need to eat.

Fraternal Brazil

Brasil Fraterno, also known as Comida no Prato, is the government program to combat hunger and food waste in the national territory. It is aimed at helping individuals and families who need it most, with donations from the population and collaboration from companies.

Companies that commit to Fraternal Brazil and transfer food products for distribution by the State, receive exemption from ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Provision of Services) and the official seal of participation in the program. An incentive that encourages other organizations to participate.

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In 2021 alone, more than 3 million people benefited together with public authorities and civil society, divided into sectors: Brasil Fraterno Agro, Brasil Fraterno Indústria, Brasil Fraterno Comércio, in addition to all donations made to individuals.

If you need to eat or want to participate in the program as a collaborator, click here and go directly to the official government website, where you can register and find out more information to receive or provide a basic food basket to families who have nothing to eat today. 

How do I receive assistance from the basic food basket?

To receive assistance from the basic food basket, individuals must be registered and have updated information on the CadÚnico (Single Registry), as well as any other benefit offered by the Federal Government. 

CadÚnico is the main tool for the Government to create policies to support the population, in addition to being the means of knowing who really needs to receive the aid provided for in these programs. That's why it's important to be up to date.

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If you are not registered or are not up to date, you can go to the nearest CRAS or Social Assistance and resolve this situation. Another option is through the Cadastro Único app, which will be the main tool for resolving issues related to your registration and subsequent queries.

Download: iOS | Android

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Did this article help you?

Hunger is a very important issue to be debated and fought in our country. Therefore, we hope that this information has guided you to find out how to obtain assistance from the basic food basket in 2023. Use the links provided throughout the text and complete the necessary registrations to become a beneficiary.
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