4 applications to identify plants; see which one is the best!

Currently, there are more and more useful applications for accessing information quickly and simply. Therefore, there are several useful applications, such as applications for those who want buy cheap airline tickets. However, there are also apps for plant lovers, as they are apps for identifying plants.

You may already be used to finding applications intended for entertainment, such as apps that allow you to watch movies and series on your cell phone, or applications aimed at sports lovers, such as apps to watch football online. But the internet also allows you to use its tools to acquire more knowledge.

aplicativos para identificar plantas
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If you want to know some applications for identifying plants, then we will present you with some alternatives so that you can have an even better experience with your study of plants and have access to useful information on growing plants, whether through paid or free plans.

Applications to identify plants

As previously expressed, we are completely in favor of using applications to achieve knowledge. However, these applications are not always disclosed. Therefore, we will list the best apps for identifying plants, so you can find what you prefer.

(Reproduction: Pexels)

These apps are extremely useful, since before you had to use books and books about plants to find a specific plant, and it was even more difficult to find more useful information like how to grow that specific plant. Therefore, let's help make life easier for plant lovers.


O PictureThis is a mobile application designed to help users identify plants using photographs. It works by analyzing images of plants that users upload to the app. Once the image is uploaded, the app uses image recognition technology and botanical databases to identify the plant and provide detailed information about it, including its scientific name, common name, characteristics, habitat and care tips.

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In addition to the plant identification function, PictureThis also has a community of users who share plant photos, gardening tips and experiences. Users can explore this community to gain inspiration and learn more about different types of plants. It's similar to a social network for plant lovers.

PictureThis is a useful tool for hobby gardeners, nature lovers, and anyone interested in learning more about the plants they find in their environment. The app is available for iOS devices and Android and offers free and premium versions with additional features.


PlantNet is one of the applications for identifying plants. It works like this: users take a photo of the plant they want to identify and upload it to the app, similar to PictureThis. PlantNet then uses an image recognition system and a vast botanical database to try to identify the plant species. 

After analysis, the application lists information about the identified plant, including name (popular and scientific), description (such as ideal amount of water and management) and habitat.

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In addition to the plant identification function, PlantNet also allows users to contribute botanical data, helping to expand and improve the application's database. This means that the more people use PlantNet, the more accurate and comprehensive it becomes.

PlantNet is a useful tool for gardening enthusiasts, amateur botanists, and anyone interested in learning more about the plants around them. The application is available for iOS devices It is Android (devices such as Samsung or Motorola), and is free to download and use.

Incognito Flora 

Flora Incógnita is a mobile application developed especially for identifying wild plants in the Central European region. It uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze photographs of plants and provide information about their species. Users can take photos of the plants they want to identify and upload to the app, which then uses advanced algorithms to compare the plant's characteristics against an extensive botanical database.

After analysis, Flora Incógnita presents users with the identification results, including the scientific and common name of the plant, information about its habitat, geographic distribution and other relevant characteristics. Additionally, the app also allows users to contribute data and information about the plants they find, helping to improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the database.

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Flora Incógnita is a valuable tool for botanists, ecologists, nature enthusiasts and anyone interested in learning more about the flora of Central Europe. The application is available for Android devices It is iOS (Apple iPhone), and is free to download and use.


Leafsnap is one of the plant identification apps that was developed with the specific aim of helping users identify trees from photos of their leaves. The app uses pattern recognition technology to analyze the characteristics of leaves captured in photos and compare them to an extensive botanical database.

When you take a photo of a leaf and upload it to the app, Leafsnap analyzes the leaf's characteristics, such as shape, edge, veins, and patterns, and compares this information to the tree species in its database. The app then provides users with a list of possible matches, with images and detailed information about each identified tree.

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In addition to the tree identification function, Leafsnap also provides educational information about the trees found, including details about their biology, habitat, geographic distribution and ecological importance.

Leafsnap is a useful tool for botanists, students, nature enthusiasts, and anyone interested in learning more about the trees around them. The app is available for free on iOS devices.

Which one is the best?

As you have seen, each of the applications has different objectives, so it is interesting for you to see which one best suits your needs. Additionally, there may be a possibility for you to do the download of yet another app, this way, you will have a huge database of plants available at your fingertips.

Did you like the information?

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