New Brazil Aid of 600 reais; See if you are eligible and how to apply

The coronavirus pandemic brought a series of obstacles and difficulties to the daily lives of millions of people around the world – and, in Brazil, this reality was unfortunately no different in relation to other countries.

Even without the pandemic, the negative effects still exist. And it was for this reason that a new Auxílio Brasil was created – precisely to help people who are still in vulnerable conditions and guarantee help to get back on their feet.

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know in relation to the new Auxílio Brasil – as well as understanding who is entitled and the process to request it. However, we need to know: what is the new Brazil aid about?

About the new Brazil aid

As we mentioned previously, the coronavirus pandemic created a terrible economic scenario for all Brazilians. Many companies were closed and, as a result, many people – especially the poorest – were left without work and without money.

To mitigate these effects, the federal government stipulated aid in emergency situations – which guaranteed immediate value for millions of people who were in need and needed the benefit.

Novo Auxílio Emergencial CAIXA
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However, even after the end of the pandemic and the reopening of the economy, the negative effects have not completely disappeared: many Brazilians are still affected and need help to support themselves – and that is why the new Brazil aid was created.

With the aim of helping the poorest people, the new Brazil aid increases the amount provided by the government – which now stands at 600.00R$ per month. In this way, it is possible to guarantee a breather – even if temporary – and support the most immediate needs of life.

Who is entitled to the new aid

To guarantee the monthly payment paid for the new aid, it is necessary to fulfill some program requirements – which will not be difficult for those who find themselves in a difficult situation, as the focus of this aid is precisely for these people.

Firstly, to apply you must not be registered in any formal job (i.e., have a formal contract). Secondly, the person cannot receive any type of benefit such as pension or retirement. 

And, finally, the person who wants to apply for the new Brazil aid must have a monthly income of a maximum of 522.50 R$ per person or a total family income of up to three minimum wages (3,135.00 R$).

How to request

This task can be performed quite simply. Just enter the Caixa website and register when creating an account (if you are not already in the bank's system, you will need to go to a branch and take your personal documents and proof of residence).

Once you are on the Caixa page and have logged in, simply go to the Brazil assistance page and fill in the requested data. Once this process has been completed, information about your situation will be sent to you, as well as when you will receive it, whether the documents are correct, etc.

Finally, if everything meets Caixa's requirements, you will be notified that your account has been accepted – and the aid will go directly to the account you registered. This way, it will be possible to withdraw this money both physically and by transfer to another bank.

Secure your assistance now!

If you meet the requirements requested by Caixa, don't leave it for later! Request your new Brazil aid today and receive help from the government to ensure that your needs are met.

And if you want to always be aware of other news, information and tips to make the best of life, visit the main page of our website Seriador at Veia Tech and stay up to date!


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