3 apps to watch all Flamengo games live!

Football is a very developed sport in Brazil, meaning there are a large number of incredible teams competing for the title of the best team in Brazil. However, we know that the Flamengo is one of the most popular teams, meaning that more and more people are interested in knowing how to watch all Flamengo games live using the internet as a tool.

Find out how to watch all Flamengo games live

The internet is full of useful apps. For example, By clicking here you will discover a great application to watch WWE online. Furthermore, there are several apps aimed at sports lovers. Therefore, you can be sure that there are great alternatives for you to watch all Flamengo games live.

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Since our objective is to list the applications to watch all Flamengo games live, know that we will also indicate how to do the download so that there is no risk of you accessing the wrong application. Therefore, take advantage of each of our content to improve your experience as a Flamengo fan.


The streaming platform Star+ is, without a doubt, one of the most popular platforms, especially in South America. This platform will allow you to have easy access to series and films of proven quality and already evaluated by critics. Furthermore, the platform also has original content that will please you.

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If you want to use Star+ to watch all Flamengo games live, know that this is a great application, as the platform is not only known for making series and films available, but also for broadcasting sports with quality sound, narration and exemplary image. Therefore, it is very likely that it is the platform that will suit you most for this role.

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If you want to use Star+ to watch all Flamengo games live, know that you can do the download very simply for your iPhone by clicking here. But if you are a user of Android, just click here to access the page.


A Globoplay is easily one of the most famous streaming platforms in Brazil, after all, it is the Brazilian broadcaster's streaming platform Globe. This platform is responsible for bringing together Globo's catalog online, this includes soap operas such as Brazil Avenue even reality shows, like Big Brother Brazil. In other words, it is the platform that can bring together the main entertainment content in Brazil.

Globo is one of the main broadcasters when it comes to broadcasting football matches, so it's a great way to watch all Flamengo games live. To do so, you must see Globo's schedule to find out when there will be a match involving Flamengo.

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After knowing Globo's schedule in relation to Flamengo, you can download the Globoplay app (clicking here for iPhone or clicking here for Android) and click on “live”. In other words, in practice, you will be watching traditional Globo programming, but on your cell phone or any other device with a Wi-Fi connection. 

It is important to highlight that it is possible to access content premium on Globoplay, not just about sports. But this is a case that requires a monthly subscription to the application. The solution we gave in this block of text was to watch all Flamengo games live for free.


A DGO (old DirecTV GO) is a platform that promises to combine the old (which works) with the new technology that has come to add comfort to customers. Therefore, DGO is an app in which you will have an experience similar to pay TV, however, with the technology of streaming platforms, such as Star+.

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Therefore, you can access the application through your cell phone, tablet or even using your smart TV. Therefore, it is very useful for those who are always on the move and have little time to watch their favorite team's games. Just download (click here if you use Android or click here if you use iPhone), sign up and enjoy.

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This article was written thinking about people who are passionate about the Rio team and want to watch all Flamengo games live. If you liked it, take the opportunity to read our article in which we teach you how to discover Wi-Fi passwords completely free of charge.


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