Auxílio Brasil: what it is, who can receive it and much more

Do you want to be part of Auxílio Brasil? Understand everything about who can register, how much you will receive and much more!

Auxílio Brasil arrived as a replacement for the old government program, Bolsa Família, to help low-income families. It has new membership rules, differentiated bonuses and aims to mainly serve families in situations of extreme poverty, although it also includes those in situations of poverty, but with certain conditions.

Registration and participation in the program is very simple, and families who have previously participated in other social programs will have priority to receive the benefits. Just check if you fit the profile and renew your registration to start the Auxílio Brasil program.

Do you want to understand more about the profile of those who can sign up for the Auxílio Brasil program and the other conditions for receiving it? So stay tuned for this article, where we will outline everything you need to know to take part and the values that may be available.

What is the objective of the Auxílio Brasil program?

Novo auxílio emergencial de 600 reais; Veja se tem direito e como solicitar

With the increase in socially vulnerable families in Brazil, it has become necessary to expand social programs that seek to improve the living conditions of this portion of the population, especially those with children and adolescents in daycare or school.

As a result, Auxílio Brasil was born, which replaces its predecessor, Bolsa Família, offering a higher amount and with different conditions, which can be quite beneficial in encouraging personal development. The program is dedicated to some social groups:

  • Families in situations of extreme poverty;
  • Families in poverty;
  • Families under emancipation rule.

If you meet any of these criteria, you may receive Auxílio Brasil. However, it is necessary to be aware of the conditions, registration updates and other criteria that may end up blocking your participation.

How to be part of the Auxílio Brasil program?

There are two possibilities for joining the program. First, as mentioned, if you have previously been linked to Bolsa Família, you only need to demonstrate interest to continue receiving the amount, but if you have not previously participated, you can start your registration from scratch.

(Imagem/Reprodução: Prefeitura de Tucano)
(Image/Reproduction: Tucano City Hall)

First, ensure that you are already registered with the Single Registry, which can be done either by government website or through an app (you can also seek social assistance). After that, you need to look for the body responsible for registering families in social programs in your city.

Don't forget to check if you have the necessary documents to be approved for the program. For the head of the family, it is necessary to present the CPF or voter registration card, for the other members, any other document, even the birth certificate, will do.

Remembering that if the family does not have documentation for any of the members to register with Auxílio Brasil, it will be the responsibility of the social worker to guide the necessary steps for this process.

How much does each family receive?

The amount depends primarily on the family's initial income. The objective is for families in extreme poverty (up to 89 reais per person per month) to receive a minimum amount of 140 reais per person per month, plus benefits if they have children, teenagers, babies or pregnant women in the family.

For families that exceed the value of 89 reais, the benefit is given according to the presence of children, pregnant women, babies and teenagers in school. Furthermore, in both cases, some extra bonuses are guaranteed, check it out clicking here.

Ready to register?

Remember that after registering, you must always have your data up to date and demonstrate interest in order to remain linked. If you have any questions, be sure to visit the official government portal and learn more about Auxílio Brasil.

And if you want to stay up to date with more information about government benefits, social programs and other news, be sure to visit our news website: Seriador at Veia Tech! We'll wait for you there.


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