2 apps to rent cheap cars online!

Travel isn't usually cheap at all, so keeping some tips in mind to save money makes all the difference! Including, By clicking here, you can access apps that help you buy cheap tickets. However, we know that when arriving at the destination there are also a series of expenses that make it difficult to “enjoy” the trip. Therefore, we will introduce you to apps for renting cheap cars.

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It is worth remembering that “cheap cars” does not mean that the cars are bad, it means that the application we are going to recommend can carry out financial management capable of lowering the cost of renting the cars in question. However, it is clear that more luxurious cars tend to have more expensive rentals.

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The apps for renting cheap cars that we will recommend in this article have no advertising link with our team. Therefore, the applications mentioned are only included in this article because they have excellent reviews from their users. I.e, Only apps that we believe will be useful in your life are listed here.

Apps for renting cheap cars

There are applications for the most different types of objectives, including, By clicking here, you can access applications to identify plants in a very easy way. But, certainly, some of the most useful applications are those aimed at saving money, whether for travel or traditional purchases in stores that have an online catalog.

This way, we will help you save money by providing some applications that will help you get around your destination. After all, saving on air tickets is just one step, as you also need to save on your expenses at your destination.


You may have already heard of the Turbi or seen some reviews about its services, after all, it is one of the most popular apps for renting cheap cars. In fact, if you set aside a portion of your day to research apps for renting cheap cars, you will quickly realize that Turbi is one of the most recommended apps in this classification.

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Turbi really brought an innovative experience through its app, being useful not only for tourists, but also for residents of the city itself. You can use the application to make different types of car rentals, which can basically be defined by the time you will be using the car, as the rental will be by the hour, day or for a pre-determined fixed period.

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The app is present in the city of São Paulo, but you can also be using the app to rent cheap cars in surrounding cities, such as Guarulhos, Santo André and São Caetano. You can also have the advantage of finding parking using the Turbi app itself.

If you are looking for a service that offers you security, especially financial security (which is a priority for those looking for apps to rent cheap cars), then it is important to highlight that, through Turbi, you can clearly see what rates you are paying. paying, such as basic collision and theft insurance.

It's normal to hear about digital banks, but it's encouraging to read about digital rental companies, like Turbi. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a customer of the rental company, know that you can do the download simply and easily on your iPhone by clicking here. But wait, the app is also available for Android by clicking here.


If you've ever researched apps for renting cheap cars before, you've probably come across the app Moved, after all, is one of the main responsible for the popularization of this type of application, making it possible for many people to rent cars easily through their cell phone.

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The company is proud to state that it is completely aligned with technology trends, as it continually invests in better technologies to offer a better service to its customers. Furthermore, we are also talking about a company that invests in human capital: that is, there are many incredible employees who are ready to serve you and help you in the best way possible.

Movida Functions

The interface of the official Movida application itself is a strong point, as it combines technology and modern design with the ease of an application aimed at people who are more attuned to technology, even those who are not in the habit of using applications so frequently, so that everyone can rent cheap cars on your app.

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One of the great advantages of the app is the possibility of making car reservations online and fully facilitated. This way, you can reserve the car you are interested in by following four simple steps that will be described and guided within the application itself.

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Movida tried to eliminate some traditional car rental barriers, such as check-in. The company transformed traditional check-in into a online check-in, reducing bureaucracy and time to collect the car you are interested in.

Have you ever had difficulty canceling a reservation? Within the application, you will be able to have a reservation management made easy, in which it will be possible to consult your reservations, change and even cancel reservations made by the user, whenever necessary.

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Since our goal is to allow you to rent cheap cars, it is interesting to highlight that the Movida app has some very economical options. However, within the app itself, you will be able to access available fleetTherefore, you can choose which car best suits your needs.

If you already know our platform, then you know that we are passionate about promotions, after all, We have articles on our portal that teach you how to watch films for free at the cinema, but obviously we also want you to have access to promotions on car rentals, so know that the Movida app has great promotions.

How to download?

We usually show you how you can download apps, as it will make your research time easier. That way, If you want apps to watch movies online, for example, you won't need to search elsewhere, just click on our links and be directed to the best alternative.

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But when it comes to Movida, we have already made it clear that it is a company concerned with the accessibility of its users, therefore, the platform is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone). If you use iPhone, click here to download from the App Store, but if you use Android, click here to download from Google Play Store.

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