Cheap airline tickets: 3 apps to save money!

The internet is a universe full of tools that allow you to expand your experiences, allowing you to acquire means that you would not be able to without the internet. For example, you can find apps to watch major events, such as Formula 1, which was not possible before. Today, we're going to show you how you can find cheap airline tickets with just one click.

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Traveling is a big dream for thousands of people who want to discover new cultures. Traveling to see places or even to see major sporting events live is the dream of many people, so it is interesting to organize yourself to discover how it will be possible to live this longed-for dream.

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However, we know that traveling is not cheap at all, so many end up giving up on this dream, as the costs are completely unrealistic. That's why our team researched to bring you the best ways to find cheap airline tickets to make your dream come true!

Apps to find cheap airline tickets 

Applications are increasingly common and have more and more uses. In fact, there are those who use the internet to follow sporting events, such as football (click here for the best apps for watching football), but there are also those who use the internet to study (click here to discover apps that identify plants and provide you with information about them).

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So, let's be a little more specific today: we're going to list apps that will help you find cheap airline tickets. Therefore, you will be able to save money and achieve your dream trip. 

Take off 

The application Take off is, without a doubt, one of the best-known platforms when it comes to applications designed to save money on travel and buy cheap airline tickets. After all, this application offers different tools to help you achieve this goal.

Decolar is already an established application in the Brazilian market, making it one of the most reliable applications. In fact, in a way, the application assumes some legal risks because it is a means of negotiations, therefore, the client (user) does not need to worry or fear certain problems.

In addition to being able to filter the best prices on flights, Decolar also has exclusive promotions that make the app one of the best advantages for those interested in making their dream of traveling come true. Therefore, if you plan to travel, it is interesting to check the Decolar app daily so you don't miss out on exclusive promotions.

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If you want to know how to buy cheap airline tickets through Decolar, know that you just need to enter the portal, or the app, and look for the search magnifying glass. When you find the search bar, you will be able to add your place of origin, your destination and the period of time you intend to travel, in addition to informing whether it is a one-way or round-trip ticket. 

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When selecting all this information, the Decolar app will filter which are the best tickets for the lowest price. If you are interested, you can click here to download Decolar on Android, or he can click here to download for iPhone.


O Kayak is a comprehensive platform that offers a variety of travel-related services, making it a valuable tool for those looking for cheap air tickets and other travel deals. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, the app allows users to search and compare prices for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and travel packages with ease.

One of Kayak's main advantages is its ability to compare prices from different airlines and travel providers in real time. This allows users to find the best offers available for their desired destination and dates, ensuring time and money savings. In addition, Kayak offers advanced filters that allow you to refine your search according to specific preferences, such as flight times, stopovers, preferred airlines and much more.

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Another useful feature of Kayak is price alerts, which allow users to receive notifications when airfare or hotel prices for a particular destination drop. This allows travelers to take advantage of the best deals and save even more on their trips.

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In addition to searching for cheap airline tickets, Kayak also offers a variety of travel planning tools, such as the “Explore” function, which allows users to discover destinations based on their interests, budget and travel dates. This is especially useful for travelers who are open to exploring new destinations and want to find affordable options for their next vacation.

The Kayak app also offers an integrated experience, allowing users to make reservations directly through the platform, without the need for redirects to other sites. This simplifies the booking process and offers greater convenience to users.

Are you interested in the Kayak app? Please note that, like the Decolar app, the Kayak app is also available in the main app stores. This way, you can click here to download the app on your iPhone or click here to download the app on your Android device.


O Skyscanner is another popular app for finding cheap airline tickets and getting great travel deals. Just like Kayak, Skyscanner offers a wide range of features to help users compare prices from different airlines and travel providers.

One of Skyscanner's distinguishing features is its flexibility and adaptability to travelers' needs. The app allows users to search for flight tickets with flexible dates, which is useful for those who have flexible travel dates and want to find the lowest prices available within a certain period.

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Additionally, Skyscanner offers a “Search Anywhere” function that allows users to search for airline tickets to destinations around the world without needing to specify a specific departure location. This is especially useful for travelers who want to explore new destinations and are open to different options.

Another useful feature of Skyscanner is the ability to set up price alerts, similar to Kayak. Users can receive notifications when air ticket prices to a particular destination drop, allowing them to take advantage of the best deals available.

In addition to searching for airline tickets, Skyscanner also offers the ability to search and book hotels and car rentals, making it a comprehensive travel planning solution.

With a user-friendly interface and a variety of useful features, Skyscanner is a popular choice for those looking for cheap flights and other travel deals. Its ability to find great deals, along with its flexibility and adaptability to travelers' needs, make it a valuable tool for anyone planning a trip, whether it's a weekend getaway or an international adventure.

If you are interested in the Skyscanner app to buy cheap airline tickets, then know that you can download the app for both Android (clicking here) and for iOS, iPhone (clicking here).

Which one is the best?

If you've read the article so far, you might be interested in knowing which is the best app to buy cheap airline tickets. However, the truth is that all applications are useful and the best alternative is for you to have access to them all, especially considering that they all have exclusive discounts.

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