2 apps to watch Formula 1 online: feel the speed!

We constantly use our social networks to access important information, such as essential information about social programs, such as Auxílio Cesta Básica. However, it is also interesting that the internet is used to allow you to access entertainment, such as following events related to Formula 1.

People often use the internet to access apps that allow you watch films and series for free, however, they don't always realize that they can also use digital tools to follow sporting events, such as Formula 1, NBA, NFL and others.

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This way, we will show you how you can start following Formula 1 through applications or websites that can be accessed simply and easily by everyone who has devices connected to the internet (such as cell phones, tablets or laptops).

How to watch Formula 1:

The internet is full of applications that are extremely useful and should be used to make our lives easier. After all, I believe you agree that shopping apps have made our lives a lot easier. Therefore, it is interesting that you understand how other applications can help you. Including, By clicking here you can learn how to buy airline tickets cheaply through apps.

It is interesting to emphasize that we have no financial or advertising ties with any of the applications mentioned in this article. Therefore, they are recommendations based on the quality of the app and user reviews. The aforementioned applications are available for download in app stores Google Play Store It is App Store.


A band is one of the most famous broadcasters in Brazil, making it one of the main transmitters of culture through series, films, soap operas and sports in the country. Band was responsible for popularizing several programs, such as the famous North American series Icarly.

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Therefore, we already know that this is a company committed to bringing quality content to its viewers. In fact, Band was one of the main responsible for allowing basketball fans to follow the NBA for free, since we are talking about a free-to-air broadcaster.

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In addition to basketball, the Band was also responsible for being one of the best alternatives for those looking to follow football matches, whether through television or apps. In other words, it is one of the companies that has dedicated itself to promoting an appropriate and comfortable environment so that sports lovers can follow the best sporting events.

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To improve the experience of its viewers, Band launched the application Bandplay, which transports Band programming directly to your cell phone. Thus, becoming one of the best ways for you to follow events such as NBA, football and Formula 1, in addition to allowing you to follow Band's other programs.

The Bandplay application can be installed for free on your cell phone in a very simple way: if you use Android, just click here to download from Bandplay on your mobile device, but if you use iOS (iPhone), you can click here to download directly from the App Store.


Several companies and events are developing their own ways for fans to follow their content. One example is the case of Netflix, which for a long time was the main and (practically) only streaming platform to bring together films, series and documentaries. However, companies like Disney It is Warner they removed their content from the catalog and created their own streaming platforms.

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Another great example in the world of sports is NHL. You can consume hockey matches through licensed TV stations or apps that have broadcasting rights, but the NHL event itself has its own app to stream the matches and gather information about the hockey teams and players, which NHLTV.

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In this way, Formula 1 was no different, as it used digital media to develop an application in which its users could consume Formula 1 content in an official way. After all, you don't just watch the main events, but you can access the best moments, live moments, news and statistics through the F1 TV app.

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However, within the F1 TV app, there are a few different plans that you can subscribe to to access different features and benefits. You can subscribe to F1 TV Pro or F1 TV Access. Let's talk below about the benefits of each of the packages provided by the app.

F1 TV Access

Did you miss any Formula 1 races? Know that through F1 TV Access you can review the races and still have access to the highlights, that is, the best moments. It is a function that mainly helps those who like to watch certain moments over and over again. After all, there are emotions that we need to feel at different times.

Do you like documentaries? So F1 TV Access can be an interesting alternative, as you can watch documentaries and programs related to Formula 1 and also follow the incredible collection of 2000 hours of historical Formula 1 content.

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Finally, you can have real, live access to driver tracking maps, as well as access to race analysis, making it ideal for those fans who take the event seriously. In other words, you saw that it is really an interesting alternative.

F1 TV Pro 

At F1 TV Pro, you will have access to the benefits already available at F1 TV Access, but with some changes and benefits. In this version, you will be able to customize the view with on-board cameras and radios from exclusive Formula 1 teams, so you can focus on your favorite drivers and teams.

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If you subscribe to F1 TV Pro, you will also be able to watch on up to six simultaneous screens (that is, up to six different devices at the same time) without there being an additional cost for the connected devices. This is a great advantage for those who have a large family and are all Formula 1 fans.

How to download?

If you want to download the F1 TV app, know that it is as easy as downloading the Bandplay app, as you will only need click here if you use iPhone or click here if you use Android. You links they will direct you to the official app stores for each operating system.

Did you like the information?

This material was written especially for Formula 1 lovers. This way, you can use your cell phone to follow the best moments. If you liked it, know that you can click here to learn how to watch series and films on your cell phone.


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